Unemployment Loans for American Workers

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“I’m unemployed and need to get a loan fast.” That’s a common statement with today’s economy. Your bills don’t stop just because your employer decides to shut down or ship jobs off to China. You still need to keep gas in your car and lights on in the house. You still need to see the doctor for your child’s cough and pay the cable company before your Internet connection is shut off.

Nearly 1 out of every 10 adults is out of a job. States like Nevada, Rhode Island, California and North Carolina have the highest unemployment rates, but men and women in every state are suffering. Unemployment loan lenders can ease the burden by providing cash to hold off creditors until the next check arrives.

Individuals like you need a cash loan today. You have options.

Unemployed Personal Loans

Let’s look at some of the programs that help unemployed American workers get personal loans:

  • Bank loans with extensive paperwork and collateral
  • High-interest credit card cash advances
  • Limited charity financing with thousands of applicants
  • Unemployment grant programs that are nearly extinct
  • Private loans with no credit checks

Bank Loans

  • Pros: widely available, can integrate with checking account for payment
  • Cons: difficult to qualify, often require steady job or collateral, interest rate based on credit history, lots of paperwork, big name banks are under federal investigation and may collapse at any time

Credit Card Advances

  • Pros: write a check or withdraw money from an ATM
  • Cons: dollar amount based on credit limit, higher rates for cash advances than for purchases, new credit cards require credit checks

Charitable Unsecured Loans

  • Pros: often have low interest rate or zero interest
  • Cons: numerous applicants but only a few cash loans available, based on personal circumstances, not all families qualify

Unemployment Grants

  • Pros: private grants do not need to be repaid
  • Cons: few grant programs operating because of bad economy, state funding cut, must exhaust no job loans first

Quick Loans for Unemployed People

  • Pros: money in your bank account within a few days or sooner, no faxing or credit checks, fees are typically $25 or less, can be used for any purpose, bad credit OK
  • Cons: must receive a minimum monthly income for approval, high fees for rollovers or non-payment

A common type of unemployment loan for American workers is the payday loan, or short-term cash advance. The name can be misleading because the loan application requires a steady source of income but not necessarily a paycheck. Many lending companies accept Social Security, SSI, disability payments, annuity settlements, and even unemployment checks as a guarantee that you can repay any debt you take out.

Do you get at least $800 per month? Then one of these loan providers is ready to review your application and make a decision today.

Unemployment Loan Lenders

Each year, nearly 12 million (yes, 12,000,000) Americans borrow payday loans. Many of these women and men need immediate cash, whether or not they are working.

When you need a cash loan today, you must turn to a trusted organization that can review your application quickly and get your money to you fast. You can even find quick loans for unemployed people with bad credit. Use your unemployment benefits and other income to pay back short-term financing and get back on your feet.

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